Cocktail Party

Party Packages are available for groups of 8 or more.

All Parties provide Open Bar Cocktails: Smirnoff Vodka, Meyer’s Rum and Gordon's Gin. All Mixers & Garnishes.

Upgrade to Premium Spirits is available for $20 per person (includes Kettle 1, Absolut, Stoli, Patron, Hornitos, Bombay Saphire, Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker Red and Malibu).

Two Hour Cocktail Party and One Hour Food Service:

$35 Per Person (includes tax and gratuity)

Cocktail Party Appetizers: (please choose 3)

Crispy Calamari (Kimichi Tartar & Spicy Mayo)
Edamame with Sea Salt & Fresh Lemon
Coconut Shrimp (Avocado, Kampyo & Coconut Rice)
Sticky Wings of Asia (Honey Hoisin-Glazed)
Hand-cut Sweet Potato Fries with Spicy Mayo
Crunchy Salmon (California Roll, Salmon Masago & Tempura Flakes)
Spicy Salmon Rolls (Cucumber & Tempura Flakes)
California Disco Roll (Crab, Avocado & Cucumber)
Pollo Fiesta (Fried Chicken, Scallion, Avocado& cilantro-Lime Aioli)
Creamy Spicy Tuna (with Cucumber)