The 49-room Hotel Shelley is the product of a flawless marriage between comfort and affordability. Located just steps from the ocean, the Shelley is a favorite for travelers who enjoy an unpretentious atmosphere and prime location, at a good price. The chic laid-back ambiance and gracious staff prove ideal to the casual traveler who’s looking for a place where anything goes.

Earthy tones, lush lounge chairs, and a nightly open bar make the Shelley’s lobby and veranda the ideal spot for a good night.

No attitude, no worries, just fun times.

Hotel Quick Facts

  • 2.5 stars; $$
  • Free Wifi
  • Complimentary Drinks Nightly 7pm-8pm
  • 1 block from ocean; center of art-deco district.
  • 49 king and double/double rooms
  • Popular Shelley Bar and Hookah lounge on property
  • VIBE: Anything goes; Unpretentious; Prime location at an unbeatable price.

Hotel Shelley was the first of the South Beach Group Hotels, and still remains one of the favorites